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Written by capcom   
Monday, 20 August 2012 10:21

Big news: the blog is now active and for the time being it will run in parallel with the main site. And ... do you like the new version of the logo?

Grande novità: il blog è ora attivo e per ora funzionerà in parallelo con il sito principale. E ... vi piace la nuova versione del logo?

After a lot of thinking and self-debating, we are seriously considering changing the whole site to the Wordpress CMS instead of Joomla CMS. And this not because Joomla is not good, on the contrary. It appears that a lot of features of Joomla are not very useful for a site like this.

The original aim of this site was to gather additional authors and start a more active place for discussions about spacecraft history and technology. Since its starting we never had a single contribution and practically no comments about the few articles written so far. But a lot of requests came in to download mostly the 2nd volume of the CSM Operations Handbook we started with.

Moving to the Wordpress paradigm will make the site more single-author oriented and also quicker and easier to maintain (Wordpress is a very elegant platform both from the developer and the user sides). We have many interesting documents (some of them already scanned) ready for publication but we need to add comments and ramblings about them because this is the way we want to do it.

So, apologies for the dormant site (life has been pretty well complex in the last year), and stay tuned for an update.

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Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 03 September 2008 22:37

NOTICE TO USERS. keep filtering out e-mail sent from european domains without any good reason. This happens also to the user registration e-mails that our server automatically sends to users (a well-known and validated procedure). To these users we recommend to complain with, while we will proceed to manually activate your account when we see a new registration (we cannot even send you an ordinary e-mail).


In recent years there has been a steady increase in the offering of web sites in relation to astronautics and space exploration. Thanks to the work of many enthusiasts, a wealth of information about the past and present of astronautics is now on-line. In addition, the availability of a great number of important technical documents, as well as of information provided by different historical services and archives, has created a critical mass of information that now requires effort to get ordered and organized, at least from a knowledge management view point. 

However not all the web sites are 'good enough' for those die-hards who find engineering applied to space exploration one of the great achievements of our age: many enthusiasts often "drool" after an astronaut picture in training but they do not look at the technical details being accomplished or the engineering details of the tools/instruments at use. Only after the Apollo 13 movie, did people start to learn about the heroic efforts of 'those nerds' in mission control, but again that was the tip of an iceberg of engineers and technicians that made it happen. The truth is that very seldom discussed, or hinted at, are the heroics of those thousands and thousands of engineers who, working behind the scenes of their own companies and agencies, made the impossible, possible and, borrowing from the British Interplanetary Society, built the bridges from imagination to reality.

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Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 20 December 2009 00:45

We hate spammers!

We are still struggling with spammers that keep registering fake users. As the little time we can devote to this site is better spent on new materials instead of a software battle with this people we elected to disable auto-registration once more.

This means that a generic user (i.e., not registered) can still access most of the articles and galleries, but to be able to download our unique documents he/she must write us to receive details for his registration. So please write to capcom {at} spacecraft {dot} it to get access to the content you cannot access. If you like, you can ask for a specific username. We will send you an email with the password. If we are on-line we will reply shortly, otherwise you will be patient and give us at least 24 hours before trying again.

Of course this also means that you must be registered to send us comments. We are sure this will be a very good reason for people not to send comments. But to tell the truth so far we have received less comments than the fingers in one hand, despite the hundreds of downloads of the documents we freely provide. This is a very sad fact, but a fact.

Note: Remember that accounts registered at or similar paranoid ISP's can experience e-mail losses when receiving e-mails from our domain. We can't help this: it is not our fault.

We also removed a good number of most likely fictional accounts that registered but never replied to the verification email sent immediately by our server. In case we removed a "good account" please accept our excuses and send as an email to generate a new account.

Apologies for any possible inconvenience.

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